Monday, December 13, 2010

what is software?general

Software is a combination of computer programs, commands and information that enables the computer to execute different tasks. In 1958, the term ’software’ was first used by John Turkey. Basically computer software consists of digital languages that involve binary values and direct specific instructions to the computer processor. In simple terms software is what makes the computer usable.

Types of software

Programming software
It is the most common type of computer software worldwide. These are compiled tools and instructions to execute different tasks on computer. A program is a set of commands that enable a computer to undertake certain tasks.

System Software
It is a collection of operating system like device drivers, servers, utilities and windows platform. These systems play a major role in the operating of hardware. There are many brands when it comes to operating systems; Windows and Linux are common examples of it.

Application Software
It is a type of software that allows the computer user to attain specific tasks. Examples of application software are: business software, education software and database software. Apart from these software,  there are other types  including  data backup and recovery software, utility software, accounting software and inventory management just mentioned a few. This software helps a lot in the operation of computers and some of the mentioned examples are discussed below.

Data Backup and Recovery Software
The software do not only offer basic data file copying, but also provides the service of data backup and recovery according to the customization demands by the computer user. This software provides storage and organizes data allowing easy recovery. If you accidently or by mistake lose important data, then the recovery software will come in handy. The software will save your time as you can get relevant results quickly.

Inventory Management Software
For a company that deals with tangible goods, the inventory management software will assist in a great deal. This software is designed to keep track of the stock, be it quantity or quality. It is mostly used in companies’ warehouses. It reduces the expenses of hiring human work force to keep the records for you in bulky paper work.

Utility software
This software is responsible of handling small computer tasks and also known as the service routine. Some of the tasks it performs are; virus scanning and disk defragmenters among others.
A world of computers is impossible to imagine without software. Different tasks cannot be carried out without the presence of computer software. Computers use coded information and are to be served as an effective communication device between the computers and people.

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