Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Recover your lost data or partition volume and etc

yesterday i found very useful software, as i want to get my data back on my hand. hmm,,well i had 1computer(CPU) from my Paksu, and i had to accomplish my task to make it normal again...
as when repairing in process i found that the the volume XP3 professional...damn,,so i decide that to retain back the data in hdd...

i had try another process to get back the data..the problem is...the volume appear as dynamic volume so that when i want to format again....the volume was not shown in screen....usually the volume was a 2 partition...when i approaches to retain, another partition not i called the software to fix this...Easeus data Recovery Wizard, ..maybe can rewrite the mbr and so on..but it is hard to get the fake one of this copy, because the producer was control over can try google it,,haha

you can download it...from any site..the popular site such freshwap n link k
byeee....thats all..huhu...

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