Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Format a Laptop Without a Windows Disc

Unlike people, when computer systems start acting up, a clean format usually takes care of the problem. Sometimes it is necessary to reformat a computer if the system becomes too slow, unstable or is infected with malware. A Windows disc makes this process much easier, but it isn't absolutely necessary. Learn one method for formatting a hard drive without a Windows disc.

step 1
Back up all important data. Formatting a drive erases the data, so back up anything that is important to you onto another hard drive or CD and DVD-Rs.

Step 2
Remove the hard drive you want to format from your computer. It is difficult to format the primary partition (containing operating system) from a computer while running.

Step 3
Attach the hard drive you want to format as an external drive using an external hard-drive USB case. Alternatively, you could boot from a secondary drive if it also contains an operating system.

Step 4
Navigate to "Control Panel," then " Disk Management." You can also type compmgmt.msc in the "Run" command line.

Step 5
Select the attached hard drive you want to format and choose "Format this partition."

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