Monday, December 13, 2010

Must have in every PC, Clean file and Registry fix.

CCleaner is an amazing program! It is designed to clean out all the useless temporary files slowing down your system, and to make some minor changes to the Windows registry, getting rid of changed or missing values. I differ with the editor on his review of CCleaner in that you CANNOT accidentally delete programs. Instead, I will tell you it is possible to delete cookies, which is what CCleaner does. If you use a mail service like Yahoo!, it is necessary to go into the options/cookies menu and preserve cookies like Yahoo! and others if you are using an automatic login to any service. It only takes a couple minutes to make this adjustment.

I was amazed the first time I used CCleaner. I have never seen so many temporary files and unnecessary cookies! After using it for about a year, I now install it in any system I build, and I recommend it to all users with a Windows operating system. I have tried many cleaners and all have failed to impress me except this one.

This one is a MUST-HAVE! If you are not yet using CCleaner, I urge you to download/install it now!
Best: updates readily available, easy to install, user-friendly, easy to use GUI, reports all information on files and registry issues found, easy editing of list, automatic settings available.
Worst: Not enough people use CCleaner, and too many fear using this Must-Have utility!usually use both.
the other advance tool for maintain you Pc also defraggler software. it 

you can download CCleaner here >>  Ccleaner
you can download Defraggler here >> Defraggler


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