Wednesday, April 14, 2010


for a long time, refreshing moment to fresh my mind in blogging...ahehehe...
today, about 3:24am..fuhh, laziness in me, because this day will be my MFR test,in night (Managing Financial Resources)...i'cant sleep yet, so thats why gonna blogging right now.

actually tired to stay at this subject matter, because Math subject does not fit in me...confuse learning this subject, with cashflow, in and out...and whatever and moreover.ahaha,generously very like in computer subject matter, but in this semester, HND1...seems like there's no computer subject that suits me....this will be so boring...,today im alone, azfar, imran, bazli, mohsin faiz... all with their dreams...So so press..

with new broadband that already bought, i'll use it as brief as possible, "celcom"...
so i dont miss to release some writing material in here..hehe...owh burnout RM68 in a month...

owh i miss my hometown, this week maybe on thursday till monday i'll break, "sultan perak break holiday" goin to hometown to see my parent is part of i miss them so much..and also goin to village,,,

for everyone...thank you for being part of my life..i'll appreciate you in my meantime and global time, no square but round...happy always..."pEace".



  1. salam..
    ahahaha..what type of blogger r u??but nice and make me laugh..laugh again..
    u r such to showing depress from urself,rite??
    u got any problems??ahaha~
    here,u just use the right place to express what u feel..haha..
    express it..!!yahhh!

  2. ehem..yeah...aku balik ler...
    uhuhuhu.....jom kluar...g mcd..

  3. kalau hg blaja no problem bila2 pn bleh p hahaha