Friday, May 21, 2010

upLaptop Performance and Use Less Power?

(This tip has not been guaranteed to work - but it makes sense.)

Want to make your laptop computer more powerful and have it use less electricity? Impossible, you say? Perhaps not.

Remember that when you use a modern operating system and run out of memory for your software, the operating system swaps out part of the memory to the hard disk to free up the memory for more tasks. If you run several programs at once or have little RAM, this swapping can occur constantly, slowing the computer down.

Now, note that the laptop's hard drive is a power drain on your battery. The more you must use the hard drive, the more the laptop uses the battery.

Naturally, it would seem that if you increase the RAM on your laptop, you would reduce the amount of memory swapping. This will increase your computer's performance, and since your hard drive will be accessed less, could improve your battery life.

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