Thursday, December 24, 2009

Earn money using Linkbucks??

What is LinkBucks?
LinkBucks allows you to make cash from the links your users post, from
the links you place on your website, or from the posts you make in a forum. It is simple and easy to get started making money Today!

In other words, you create a link through linkbucks .
Post it on a forum or a blog.
People click on that link .
You earn money.
The more clicks you get , the more money you make .

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How do i get paid?

Easy. Enter a paypal email address
and once you reached $5 in earnings you can claim it .

Follow these simple steps to earn money:

1. Make a linkbucks account . Easy enough .
Click on signup .

2. Fill out the form .
Make sure you use ur real name, email etc
Also your paypal must be real (u just need to enter ur email address , nothing else)
Dont worry. Linkbucks DO NOT spam ur email .
And there is no way they can hack ur paypal if you just provide an email address

3. Ok now all that is done . Time to earn money .
Log in . And click on 'create link'
You can make a single link or a multiple
link .
Lets do single link first .
for example i'll try google
Enter ''
Content: Choose 'clean' (cos google is obviously clean)

Now the add type. There are 3 types:
- Intermission
- Popup

- Top Banner
I'll provide an example at the bottom
But intermission and popups for every 3500 clicks you will get $1
And for top banner; for every 5000 clicks you will get $1

This is because popups and intermission annoy people more
and top banner isnt as much annoying.

You can ignore the alias URL . Thats really nothing
And click on 'Generate Link

Yay ! You are now provided with a new link

Those Examples from before:
- Intermission:
- Popup:
- Top Banner:

4. Grab that link and post it on any forums or blogs or URL
Jut remember when you want to link something . Do it through linkbucks and earn !
You can also monitor your link and see which link earns most if you click on 'Manage Links'
Its just too easy !

So register now at >><<


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