Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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boybato (1932) posted this response at 10:18 AM (CST) on 6/23/2010.

Have you talked about this already? You have been together for three years and that is a lot of time already. Why is she still communicating with her ex-boyfriend? In that span of time, everything about them should have been left in the past already and if there is something that should be settled, it should have been settled already or if it isn't, I don't think that it is still worth settling to the point of really seeing each other. I would like to ask if you trust her but with the looks of it, I don't think that you really do. In fact, if I myself is in your situation, I would really feel so bad about it too but at the same time, I'd think of things that could put a stop to it and save our relationship.

The very first thing that I would do is to tell her about what I feel and what's on my mind about the situation. Sure I'm not comfortable with it and I would tell her that. Ask her any reasons why is she still communicating with her ex-boyfriend. If she can't give you a straight or somewhat logical answer, there's really something wrong somewhere. However, if she values your relationship and understand your side, she will stop it or either explain to you clearly as to why is she meeting her ex-boyfriend still. People who are lying normally can't give straight answers out and they are inconsistent with their thoughts.

If your girlfriend values you and your relationship, she might do either of these. First, she'll decide not to meet her ex-boyfriend and even stop communicating with him for the sake of your relationship. Second is that, should she have something important to give to her ex-boyfriend, she will keep and limit it up to that and nothing else.

However, some fears are unfounded and they don't turn out to be real. Maybe you're just thinking too much and getting paranoid about the situation but who knows, your girlfriend won't give in to anything that could destroy your relationship. Just trust her and let her assure you (and you too, assure her) that she will remain loyal and faithful to you.


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