Saturday, May 22, 2010

Appeal paper.....dont want it happen again..

appeal(examination paper)^2, a grade criterion that i must fulfill to accept the past paper...depend on subject that i've learned, maybe 1.1 until 4.1 and so on....
dont want to describe bout this matter...NQF matter....

today i'm gonna go back to my college,KPMSI PERAK i've appeal paper(MFR) hard to think bout it, i wanna rest rest and rest, but quiet this happen at last..

to concrete, i', so heavy at calculation subject that's why..(dont ask me yeah!!)......but, at least i dont ave to take the overall paper, or repeat so kay for me..:)

left(my picture..3rd semester 2009)

so tired, for the first, im planning go to college by motorcycle but the can say that's a long distance la...about 256km.or more.i can't expect that...i dont ave pump and inner spare get ready if anything happens due hanging in i decided to take a bus...she's also encourage me to take bus, because she's so worried bout me..hehe"i'll appreciated that for sure"...

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