Friday, January 1, 2010

yeahaha....actually this will be a good online game i ever touched..PKO or Pirates King Online, im playing so much with my fwen, morning till night till ever. my laptop became so hot"not close for 2-3 days"...thats why if my laptop in a critical status, i will sleep it.

PKo will be good games for many kids around da world.for my research,"so many kids around here about 12-17old... the people came across the countries.
but the server currently only 2..crete and azov...":azov"..maybe malaysia server"ehehe"..
honestly, i love this game.because of what??., this game, i'll be much younger..ahaha...16 :p..

this image shows my char(top medium right)low lvl45..Crusade, and other char in this game...very funny, for wishing new years 2010 they got a "99bunga api" and playing over and over,yeah kids always like that..for wishing 2010, im getting nude in this game"just a panties in my..bottom,diff with other char tht is my choice mostly.for the picture..hehe im just captures in hurry...thats why this pic not too perfect!..overall,wishing.2 people around da world!!,2010 comin"and heppy always"...

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